Destination featured on 'Apprentice: your fired'

Portsmouth entrepreneur Rachel Lowe to star in The Apprentice: You’re Fired

‘YOU’RE fired’ is not something you ever want to be told, especially by a businessman with the grandeur of Lord Alan Sugar.

But Portsmouth board game inventor Rachel Lowe was delighted when she received a call inviting her to take part in tonight’s episode of The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

The show is aired on BBC2 at 10pm, straight after The Apprentice every Wednesday.

Tonight, Lord Sugar will ask the candidates to invent their own board game and pitch it to retailers.

Rachel, 37, devised the Destination series of board games while working as a taxi driver while a student at the University of Portsmouth. 

She has produced games based on a number of cities and themes including Harry Potter, Downton Abbey and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Before tonight’s show was recorded, she said: ‘Lord Sugar set the candidates the challenge of creating a board game.

‘For the You’re Fired programme, they normally have a journalist, a comedian and a business expert. They asked me if I could sit on the panel with Dara O Briain presenting. They asked me a little while back but I had to keep it a secret.

‘I was tickled pink when I was invited to go on the show because Jo Malone was a business expert for the fragrance task, and I like her, she is amazing. 

‘To be sat in her seat for the board game challenge was really exciting. I was chuffed to have been asked, really.


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